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Pain & Anger
: "Kramnik has lost it! He is calculating the lag of Chess.com by hand using time per move statistics."
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: "The Hungarian Chess Federation just announced that Richárd Rapport and Péter Lékó will play in the Hungarian team on the Chess Olympiad"
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Advice Requests
: "White is forking 2 black pieces, what would you do to save them?"
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: "I made an AI tool to generate customizable "realistic" random positions (and play them). Ideas welcome!"
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Money Talk
: "Hikaru: If Ding drops out of WC, it would mess up my schedule. I even said this for the candidates, I took a month to prepare and it cost me a ton of income from streaming."
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: "TIL Psychologist László Polgár theorized that any child could become a genius in a chosen field with early training. As an experiment, he trained his daughters in Chess from age 4. All three went on to become Chess prodigies, and the youngest, Judit, is considered the best female player in history."
57 posts


: "Chess24 had the best Tournament viewing/tracking experience and Chess.com absolutely ruined it. "
22 posts

Norway Chess

: "[Norway Chess 2024] Magnus is shocked as Ding nonchalantly resigns after blundering mate in 2 from a drawn position"
18 posts

Magnus Carlsen

: "Magnus Carlsen has scored 15.5 out of 16 in the Armaggeddon as white.This is just ridiculous to me given black has draw odds too."
16 posts


: "Kramnik has lost it! He is calculating the lag of Chess.com by hand using time per move statistics."
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Ding Liren

: "Ding Liren blunders into a mate in 2 against Magnus Carlsen"
14 posts


: "Hikaru fires shots at Crymnik"
11 posts


: "Ding responds to Carlsen's "permanently broken" comment"
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: "Faustino Oro edges closer to historic IM Title at 10, fulfilling the requirements for a second IM norm - GM Tomas Sosa: "Based on the games I have seen him playing in the Continental Championship, I would say that his level is at 2500.""
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: "Hate Against Kramnik Should Not Overshadow Incompetency of Chesscom"
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