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Dry Alcoholics is a support group that doesn't care about what stage you are in quitting or moderating your drinking, but that you are making an effort. Disclaimer: Advice given on this sub does not constitute professional medical advice. The circumstances do not mimic those of a review by a professional. Assessment, diagnosis and treatment recommendations are not possible, and all suggestions as such are speculative opinions. Recommending one form of treatment over another is frowned upon.

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: "High five to anyone who woke up Sober on this Sunday morning"
49 posts
: "My least favorite things about sobriety"
31 posts
: "What helps me stay sober"
24 posts
: "My least favorite things about Sobriety"
22 posts
: "Recovering from another Relapse. Do withdrawals get worse with every Relapse?"
21 posts
: "Does anyone else get sick after they try quitting drinking? (Not talking Withdrawal symptoms per say)"
20 posts
: "August 29, 2020 Vs Aug 7, 2023. I’ve remained Alcohol free for 300 days this year. I never thought I’d make it to 7 days, much less almost an entire year. It’s been hard, but it’s been the best choice I’ve ever made. The best choice I continue to make. One day at a time."
20 posts
: "Need some Support today please"
18 posts
: "4 days sober for the umpteenth time. Alcoholism is so confusing"
12 posts
: "why is quitting Drinking so hard, or why can't i just stop? (an article, not my question)"
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Pain & Anger
: "I lost everything"
50 posts
Advice Requests
: "What helps me stay sober"
20 posts
Money Talk
: "Money just keeps piling up..."
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