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r/gayjews is a subreddit with 6k members. Its distinguishing qualities are that the community is medium in size.
A subreddit for LGBTQ Jews and their allies to connect and schmooze.

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: "Hosted Pesach Shabbat last night ✡︎"
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Questions + Advice
: "Gay and Orthodox "
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Casual Conversation
: "Any Gay Jews in NYC?"
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Pop Culture
: "This Episode of 'Golden Girls' Teaches Us How to Shut Down Antisemites"
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In the News
: "Accused neo-Nazi's trial begins in connection to killing of gay Jewish college student Blaze Bernstein"
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: "Sure sex is great but have you ever had"
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: "Today, I gave a talk in shule about LGBTQ+ inclusivity"
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: "Mikveh advice for a trans man"
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: "Tried to organize a Pride event in r/r4rJewish but it’s only for heterosexuals apparently so I made another sub for any Jewish community, not just dating. So if you’re looking for a Jewish DND group, Discord, or boyfriend, come say hi!"
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: "Passover Chol HaMoed Check-In: How are you doing? How is your holiday going? How were your seders? But also, the world is pretty rough right now - how are you handling everything?"
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