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For caretakers of guinea pigs encouraging the proper techniques in handling, treating and raising cavies.

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: "Its not safe to go alone, here take him πŸ₯”"
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: "RIP to a legend. We'll miss you Winston."
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New Pigs on the Block
: "Introduced a new pig a week ago... They are already sitting in the same house."
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Old Timer
: "not a fan of the negativity"
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: "They would like second breakfast. And third breakfast. And fourth breakfast. And-"
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Help & Advice
: "Please tell me these are both boys like I was told and please tell me the brown one isn’t pregnant. What do I do help"
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Habits & Behavior
: "the face of a girl who just had to get a bum bath"
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: "Just had to separate my baby male guinea pig from the herd :( how do you do it?"
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Health & Diet
: "Cheaper hay?"
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