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For all things related to the town of Kalamazoo, MI -- Kalamazoo College, Western Michigan University, and KVCC! Events, happenings, meet-ups, music, etc.

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: "A poacher illegally killed a 21 point buck near Asylum Lake preserve and practically got away with it"
17 posts
Events / Things to Do
: "Have fun and be safe!!"
14 posts
Local Services / Suggestions
: "What are good Volunteer Opportunities in Kalamazoo?"
9 posts
Restaurants / Bars
: "JungleBird is dead, RIP"
8 posts
Local News
: "Pfizer assures no health risks after methylene chloride spill in Kalamazoo"
7 posts
Hobbies / Interests
: "Oberon caps from 2012-2023"
7 posts
🚨 Crime Blotter 🚨
: "To the person who got rear-ended on 12th Street going south past the massive amount of fire trucks"
5 posts
Apartments / Real Estate
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Employment / Jobs
: "Help finding a job"
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Music / Bands
: "Live in Kalamazoo: From La Luna Recording and Sound- out now!"
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