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A place to discuss Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and any of Tolkien's work!

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: "That time I met Elijah Wood"
79 posts
Fan Creations
: "Lord of the Star Wars"
29 posts
: "So be it.. You shall be the Fellowship of Drip.."
25 posts
: "Finally…. My book covers are done"
25 posts
: "How did Sauron construct Barad-dûr? What was the timescale?"
23 posts
Books vs Movies
: "Your unpopular opinion on the movies as a book reader? mine is that I really like gimli"
6 posts
: "Went to a party as Frodo last night."
5 posts
: ""As if his indomitable spirit had set its potency in motion, the glass blazed suddenly like a white torch in his hand. It flamed like a star that leaping from the firmament sears the dark air with intolerable light. No such terror out of heaven had ever burned in Shelob's face before.""
3 posts
TV Series
: "Why do the Elves in ROP have short Hair? I get why Arondir’s Head is shaved, Dude was in an Orc prison and I can see the Orcs being Dicks and shave their Elf prisoner’s Heads as a way to mock them. After hearing that we would get black Elves I hoped we would see them with African Dreadlocks"
2 posts
: "The all seeing eye"
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