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Martial Arts
: "If a man were to fight and self train for 5 years without knowing anything about Martial Arts what martial art would naturally come up with"
113 posts
: "My experiences Training martial arts in Asia"
79 posts
Self Defense
: "Is there really a point to learning Self Defense?"
35 posts
: "Is it possible to learn how to fight with only Sparring?"
34 posts
: "Junior Mma "
23 posts
: "2 girls at my school wanna Fight me"
21 posts
: "Won my first Boxing match"
17 posts
Muay Thai
: "Any tips on how to get the most out of this exercise? (Muay Thai background)"
9 posts
: "Nam Kyung-jin, two-time Asian Games bronze medalist in 125kg Freestyle Wrestling, going up against judokas"
5 posts
: "Wrestling or Judo which do you recommend?"
5 posts

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Advice Requests
: "How do you win against a bjj user?"
25 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Angry now…"
11 posts
Solution Requests
: "Best fighter who never got to be a champion?"
4 posts

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