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Finished Quilts
: "For my son and his husband"
102 posts
Work in Progress
: "Princess Mononoke Off the Frame"
40 posts
: "Cats in Boxes by Sew Fresh Quilts???"
16 posts
Beginner Help
: "First time quilter, feeling so frustrated"
7 posts
Fabric Talk
: "When your friend who is in Thailand knows that you love to quilt AND that you've had a crappy few weeks (dog and horse died unexpectedly) and sends you 10 KG of fabric, all seems right in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️"
5 posts
: "Show me your little “helpers”"
5 posts
Quilt Shows
: "My Grandma was a talented quilter. She passed earlier this year and the local quilt show had a memorial display"
3 posts
Notion Talk
: "Work customer gave this to me"
3 posts
💭Discussion 💬
: "Quilters of Reddit, what do you do with your scraps?"
3 posts
: "Finished top from Plains and Pine QAL"
2 posts

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