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For those who like to stand sideways on snow

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OC Video
: "Couldn't Snowboard at the Talent Show so instead we made a video."
78 posts
OC Photo
: "Last run of the season"
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Riding question
: "Third time riding the pipe any tips?"
17 posts
Gear question
: "Just picked up a new snowboard, will this help me get style points or be a bigger Jerry?"
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general discussion
: "Just got kicked from Heavenly FB feed for replying to their latest Pr post msg w pictures. After they literally asked for people to share. Guess they don't want everyone's experience after all. It was a farewell to Tom Fortune who really let the ball drop."
13 posts
: "Whistler announces summer ski camps and glacier skiing have been cancelled for 2023/24 ski season."
5 posts
Pic Link
: "Bluebird day - can you believe this is only 30 hours from l.a?!"
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noob question
: "New board day, do I wax it?"
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Video Link
: "The battle of jerrysburg"
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didn't read sidebar
: "Am I just middle aged and realistic?"
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