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Sustainability is the ability of system to endure. While most people associate the term with the environment, true longevity requires social and economical sustainability as well as ecological sustainability.

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: "Are laundry sheets or laundry powder the more Sustainable option? Or something else?"
47 posts
: "Sustainability/ESG certifications"
38 posts
: "New research shows world’s most Climate vulnerable countries could lose over 100% of GDP in 2024 from disasters that are insurable"
8 posts
: "Florida says no to $400M in federal solar Energy incentives. How much you could have saved"
8 posts
: "Millennials are choking on all their parents garbage."
7 posts
: "Should I take the County job or the GIS specialist job for my Career in the environment?"
6 posts
: "Should I take the County job or the GIS specialist job for my career in the Environment?"
5 posts
: "I think that that lithium Recycling makes it possible to use lithium batteries to decarbonize. But what if the materials scientists "beat" the geologists, so to speak?"
5 posts
: "In 2024, Republican Ev attacks may fall short as swing states reap investment"
5 posts
: "Random thoughts and discussion about outdoor Clothes dryer"
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Solution Requests
: "Clothing brands that are made to last?"
26 posts
Advice Requests
: "What's a good "starter item" for someone dabbling with being more eco-conscious?"
23 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Millennials are choking on all their parents garbage."
11 posts
: "Greenpeace calls for Canadian forestry giant to lose its eco certification | CBC News"
6 posts
: "Environmental friendly waterproof shipping ideas"
1 post
Money Talk
: "If the Solid Carbon Project gets $60 million in funding then will that indicate that the project is promising and serious?"
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