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Covid 19

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: "Sleeping too much or too little is associated with changes in the brain that are known to precede and increase the risk of stroke and dementia later in life. Research studied the brain images of nearly 40,000 asymptomatic adults to understand how their sleep habits may impact their brain Health"
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Climate Change

: "Atlantic Ocean is headed for a tipping point − once melting glaciers shut down the Gulf Stream, we would see extreme Climate Change within decades, according to new physics-based model of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation"
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Alzheimer's Disease

: "Scientists discover a potential way to repair synapses damaged in Alzheimer’s disease. In laboratory mice that have a condition mimicking human Alzheimer’s disease, they found that a protein KIBRA can reverse the memory impairment associated with this type of dementia."
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: "A small male mouse-sized marsupials (the antechinus) give up Sleep for sex during mating season, then die after intense mating season, study finds"
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Brain Cells

: "Surprisingly simple model by physicists and neuroscientists explains how Brain Cells organize and connect based on general principles of networking and self-organization, rather than biological features of an organism, that could apply to non-biological networks like social interactions as well."
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Breast Cancer

: "A pre-clinical study found the new drug (CDDD11-8 )successfully inhibits the growth of triple negative Breast Cancer without any toxic side effects"
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: "Financial Stress is the most harmful type of Stress to biological health, according to a study conducted on 4,934 individuals from the UK aged 50 and over."
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: "Hurricanes becoming so strong that new category needed, study says"
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Pain & Anger
: "Automatic checkouts in supermarkets may decrease customer loyalty, especially for those with larger shopping loads. Customers using self-checkout stations often feel overwhelmed and unsupported. The lack of personal interaction can negatively impact their perception of the supermarket."
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Money Talk
: "Dementia care costs can quickly burn through people's savings. On average, seniors with dementia paid $3,090 a month out-of-pocket for non-nursing residential care at places like an assisted living facility, and $3,849 a month at full-fledged nursing homes"
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