How to find fast-growing Subreddits

by Fed
Published 2022-07-07, updated 2022-10-19

Finding growing, largest, active, engaged Subreddits

In this product demo we explore the trending communities found on Reddit. These trending communities surface fantastic opportunities to discover niches before others do, to come up with new business or content ideas.

GummySearch tracks the active, engaged, largest, and fastest growing communities on Reddit, and surfaces them to you with the relevant information and stats about this community.

To explore further, you simply add a Subreddit to your audience. Additionally, GummySearch will recommend other Subreddits to include in this audience if their members overlap with the trending community you have selected.

Trending subreddit categories

Here are the categories of Subreddits that you can quickly dive into

Active Subreddits

  • comments per day
  • submissions per day

Largest Subreddits

  • number of members
  • number of total submissions
  • number of total comments

Engaged Subreddits

  • comments per user
  • submissions per user

Growing Subreddits

  • monthly growth
  • weekly growth
  • daily growth

Filtering top subreddits

Based on what you are looking for, you'll probably want to filter down to a particular subreddit size. By default, we'll show you the largest subreddits in each category, but you can either remove the category filter, or choose a different category.

Subreddits in each category can be sorted by any of the stats specific to that category (for example, in growth you can sort by monthly/weekly/daily growth)

Exploring trending subreddits further

When you see a sorted list of subreddits for a particular stat, you can quickly explore each subreddit by hovering over its name. You'll then see the subreddit description, tags, and similar subreddits.

If you see a community you want to dive into further, press the "Add to audience" button. You can create a new audience, or add to an existing one. Additionally, if there are similar subreddits, you can press the checkbox to include them in your audience as well.

Once you have added subreddits to your audience, go to your audience page to dive into the conversations happening in those communities. This is particularly useful for customer discovery.

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