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by Fed
Published 2022-07-07, updated 2022-10-19

Explore an individual Subreddit

In this product demo we explore an individual community on Reddit called a Subreddit.

GummySearch shows basic information on a Subreddit like its distribution of post types & flairs, common keywords used in the community, top posts of the past month, stats on growth & engagement, and top contributors to the community.

Basic information on a Subreddit

GummySearch will show you the following:

  • Community size & date established
  • Description of the community (if it is set)
  • Similar subreddits (based on where this sub's members also contribute to)
  • How this subreddit relates to others that GummySearch tracks (size/activity/engagement/growth)

Types of topics discussed in this community

GummySearch shows a breakdown of:

  • Types of posts in this community (text/link/image/video)
  • Flair used by the subreddit (not all subreddits use flair)
  • Popular keywords (hover over the conversation icon to see a sample)

Popular posts

GummySearch shows the most popular posts in this Subreddit. Click the link icon to view it on Reddit.

From this screen you can also search a keyword to find conversations in this subreddit related to your business.

Subreddit Stats

Here we'll show you:

  • Community size & growth
  • Number of submissions (and daily/weekly/monthly growth)
  • Number of comments (and daily/weekly/monthly growth)

For each stat, GummySearch shows how this Subreddit stacks up against all others on Reddit with a percentile value.

Subreddit contributors

Here you'll see the top contributors to this subreddit over the past month. For each user, you'll see a green bar for their submission karma, and blue bar for their comment karma in the sub. You can sort users by those different kinds of contributions (total karma, comment karma, submission karma, # of comments, # of submissions).

To see more about each user, you can hover over their username to see their profile stats and which subreddits they contibute to. Additionally, hover over the conversation icon to see a preview of their submission/comment contributions to this Subreddit.

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