How to post to Reddit for maximum visibility

by Fed
Published 2022-12-28

Subreddit performance report

In this product demo we show off the GummySearch performance report, which tells you what kinds of content performs in a given subreddit.

If you're looking to make a post to Reddit, you can use this information to quickly understand what kinds of content might resonate with your target audience, and can craft your post accordingly.

Subreddit posting insights

The subreddit performance report shows how to maximize for upvotes & comments across the following criteria:

  • Post type
  • Submission flair
  • Keywords used in title
  • Day of week / time of day

Report options

You can toggle between upvote & comment modes, to see the distribution and insights for that particular metric

Moderation insights

You can also check out the moderation report to see the moderation levels in this particular subreddit.

The moderation report will show you:

  • Percent of posts that are removed in this sub by moderators
  • Automoderator activity (reasons posts are removed automatically)

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