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A community of solo developers who want to help each other. Our goal is to share and learn all aspects of game development. This includes project management, finding resources, game design, marketing, networking, etc. feel free to post questions or share your game, just make sure you're helping the community. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/4R5bB9nMSV

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Advice Requests
: "I'm worried my game is too hard for players with no experience playing similar games but the all point of the game is to get good at controlling the rocketship. Wanna help me out with any recommendations?"
9 posts
Pain & Anger
: "I like my controls tight and responsive!"
6 posts
: "This is my solo automation game project called Rustforge. Just added platforms to build your factories on!"
6 posts
Solution Requests
: "Concept for a lava level in my Zelda-inspired game"
5 posts
: "I redesigned the map with another idea I had, any feedback?"
1 post

Popular Topics in r/SoloDevelopment


Game Development

: "Could I get your opinion about the graphics? 😅"
69 posts


: "I tried making trailer for my Game. Is it bad? (I learning, pls give me honest feedback)"
18 posts


: "How do we feel about liminal spaces? (All Feedback is appreciated!)"
14 posts

Game Release

: "Master Key, a 1bit zeldalike, is out now on Nintendo Switch! (🔊)"
10 posts

Game Design

: "What do you think about this art style for a platfromer game?"
9 posts


: "I am looking for harsh feedback on my first Steam Trailer for my game"
8 posts

Steam Page

: "Finally published a Steam Page! What would you expect from this game if you saw it on Steam?"
7 posts

Art Style

: "I'm working on an Eastern European rural environment for my game. How does it feel? "
6 posts

Solo Dev

: "My 6 month Solo Dev outcome here - Hopeless Sea is now on Steam Endless Replayability Fest!!!"
5 posts


: "In my game, depending on what weapons you use, the Animation changes! This is how dual wield Animation looks!"
4 posts

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