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A photography subreddit of all the hideous places human beings built or inhabit. Come here for aesthetic appreciation of the darker side of the cities, towns, and villages in our shared world. We welcome any photos which show either ugliness, or a problem in urban development. Rural and suburban hell are also allowed.

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Concrete Wasteland
: "2026 World Cup final to take place at New Jersey MetLife Stadium."
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Absurd Architecture
: "Grain Silo in Germany"
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Pollution/Environmental Destruction
: "Monrovia's canals are a must-see for anyone visiting the city"
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: "The Vegas they don't want you to see"
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: "McKeesport, PA. The distinguished rust belt."
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: "Is this what modern art looks like?"
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Suburban Hell
: "Mesa, Arizona, USA."
13 posts
: "Somewhere in South Korea..."
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Car Culture
: "The infamous Metro Manila sidewalk has been fixed"
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Mark OC
: "I was in Varosha this week"
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