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Welcome to Audio Meditation, a community devoted to sharing mindful audio experiences that enhance meditation. Explore carefully produced healing frequencies, nature sounds, classical, and lofi music. Share and discuss audio tools and techniques for a more enriching meditation practice. Linked audio media hosted on legitimate platforms like YouTube or Spotify is encouraged. From ambient sounds to guided meditations, let's journey together toward inner peace.

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Long (30+ Mins)
: "Yoga & Meditation Mix"
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: "Where Is Your Center? Simple Meditation to Grow Your Creative Spirit | Journey 5"
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Nature Sounds
: "I love to do Yoga outside :) Been to a lot of different spots (mainly forests). I'm a music producer and sometimes, when hear a sound that I really like I record it and make Ambient Music out of it. Been using it for meditation and loved it. Thought I would share :)"
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Short (< 30 Mins)
: "10 minute meditation for Self-love with Crystal Singing Bowls and breathing "
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: "Bounden - Soothing Meditative Ambient Music - Deep Relaxation and Healing"
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