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A subreddit for submitting pictures of cakes you or someone you know has made. We love seeing all kinds of submissions! All skill levels and types of cakes (cupcakes, cheesecakes & cookie cakes too!) are welcome.

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: "Daughter wished for an ugly hedgehog Cake, I hope I made her Cake dreams come true!"
200 posts
: "I made this cake for my son's 7th Birthday. He said this is the first cake I made that matched "the cake in [his] head"🤣"
62 posts
Cake Decorating
: "Cake I baked and decorated. I’m not usually a baker, because I decorate ice cream cakes but this came out wonderfully."
14 posts
: "Tired vet student makes impromptu Halloween cupcakes!"
12 posts
: "Cake for my three year olds birthday. Couldn’t find wafer paper but tried making the butterflies out of rice paper. Vanilla cake with Chocolate buttercream inside and Swiss meringue buttercream outside and decorations."
10 posts
: "My very first Wedding cake (and last) first time trying 3 tiers."
10 posts
: "Made this cinnamon apple cake with salted caramel buttercream for Thanksgiving to look like a cozy sweater!"
9 posts
: "I have found my favorite Decorating technique"
7 posts
: "Made this cinnamon apple cake with salted caramel Buttercream for Thanksgiving to look like a cozy sweater!"
7 posts
: "Another Wednesday Addams cake"
7 posts

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Advice Requests
: "My first attempt at a "fancy" cake! Pointers are very appreciated ♥️"
5 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Thoughts? I forgot about this cake until last minute and I’m disappointed I didn’t plan better."
2 posts

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