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Memes & Shitpost :shit:
: "Kripya reddit par dukh na failaaye 😞🀌🏻"
44 posts
Pets & Animals :pets:
: "My cousin brother, Bro thinks he is majestic "
27 posts
Food :food:
: "Biryani Mein Dum Laganeka Tareeka Todha Kezual Hai!"
23 posts
Story Time :tea:
: "My mom caught a student with this pencil in exams. "
19 posts
Ask India :question:
: "This scammer called my father and sad i have done something wrong with a girl"
14 posts
Art & Photography :camera:
: "She made thisπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ"
11 posts
Wholesome :wholesome:
: "Cute Parathas my wife made this morning for me :)"
9 posts
Vent & Rant :confess:
: "I f*cked up today"
8 posts
Movies & Shows :ent:
: "Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan during the shooting of The Dark Knight Rises in Jodhpur, Rajasthan"
6 posts
Nostalgia :nos:
: "What if Shinchan was made in india "
6 posts

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