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General Discussion
: "Not surprising but Google's Gemini AI has a pro-Israel bias"
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Quran & Hadith
: "How could an illiterate prophet from 1400 years ago have written this"
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Seeking Support
: "Fake Hadith spreading in YouTube comment sections"
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Question about Islam
: "Why does it say "Israel" in the Quran even though the Quran was revealed in the prophets time?"
13 posts
: "Zionists posing with a Palestinian woman’s lingerie after bombing her house in Gaza."
10 posts
Casual & Social
: "Thought this was very sweet"
10 posts
: "I an Ex Sikh accepted Islam today"
8 posts
Scholarly Resource
: "If you see someone far from his Lord…"
3 posts
History, Culture, & Art
: "Quote on صدقة"
3 posts
: "As-salamu alaykum brothers and sisters, you deserve a break, heres a photo of a cat about to chill."
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