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MBL.REPAIR | Mobile Device Repair Whether you are a hobbyist or a tech sitting in the shop. This sub encompasses everything from basic computer, phone & tablet repair, to also those delving into the board level repair and data recovery aspects as well. We also provide basic getting started guides as well as links to vetted parts suppliers in our sidebar. Where we believe that as long as the device turns on, the screen is repairable! Welcome to Mobile Device Repair!

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Lvl 2 (screens, batteries, camera, etc. swaps)
: "iPhone XS still has screen burn after replacement."
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Lvl 0 (DIYer) Where do I start with this repair? Can it be Fixd?
: "Does this mean i need a screen replacement?"
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Shop Talk Discussion (General)
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(SOLVED) Lvl 2 (screens, batteries, cameras, etc.)
: "Iphone 12 Pro bootloop after rear glas replacement."
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: "Mobile Phone Repair Room"
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Funny Stuff
: "As a mobile refurbisher, words cannot describe this level of depression."
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