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Progressive Islam is a place for Progressive Muslims of all sects and schools of thought. We seek to foster an atmosphere of understanding, tolerance, and peace between all peoples.

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Question/Discussion ❔
: "Why are some of us like this?"
92 posts
Rant/Vent 🤬
: "Embracing Islam does NOT mean you have to throw out your personality!!!!"
26 posts
Opinion 🤔
: "exmuslim"
23 posts
Image 📷
: "Couldn't have said any better."
12 posts
Video 🎥
: "Saw this video where Ali Dawah has his wife use a white board to communicate instead of speak, and they say WE'RE westernized and sex-obsessed Muslims and not them"
10 posts
Advice/Help 🥺
: "I cannot wrap my head around Mohammad"
7 posts
Meme :doge:
: "Normal sane people vs insane weirdo social media Mullahs"
4 posts
News 📰
: "Bangladesh opens mosque for transgender hijra community"
4 posts
Article/Paper 📃
: "I think some of you guys might like this: a Jewish organization committed to fighting Zionist institutions"
4 posts
Quran/Hadith 🕋
: "Christian (Ex-Muslim) got agitated that I don't believe the Hadiths are inerrant... "
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