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News and discussions about matters pertaining to the Muslim community, the Muslim world, and Muslim politics.

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Quran/Hadith 🕋
: "Do not wish for death…"
53 posts
Media 🎬
: "Footage of middle schoolers from Queen Bee Middle School in Glendale Heights, Illinois assaulting a Muslim girl. Incident happened 25th of January."
42 posts
Question ❓
: "I cry multiple times a day for the people in Palestine. Realizing how much I took for granted they don’t even have toilets, water, food, and much much more ( go to body text ⬇️)"
23 posts
Dua & Advice 🤲📿
: "Allah has not allowed joking as an excuse or a reason to mock, hurt and belittle others."
19 posts
Discussion & Debate🗣️
: "Wow. Just wow. No words"
14 posts
Politics 🚨
: "What has this world come to. Pray for Palestine"
11 posts
Literature 📜
: "How British killed Muslim Scholars in India"
11 posts
News 🗞️
: "The situation in Sudan #TalkAboutSudan"
6 posts
Rant & Vent 😩
: "God it's getting really tiring"
5 posts
Artwork 🎨
: "Which mosque would you go to?"
3 posts

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