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A support subreddit dedicated to the discussion of Vyvanse (aka Elvanse / Lisdexamfetamine) for the treatment of ADHD. This is a space to share experiences with this medication and gain support and insight from others.

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: "Good Experience with Vyvanse Generic"
210 posts
: "Good Experience with Vyvanse Generic"
60 posts
Side Effects
: "Vyvanse Side Effects"
17 posts
: "First day on Vyvanse"
12 posts
: "How to Know if I should Try a Higher Dose?"
11 posts
: "Can ADHD cause depression and Anxiety?"
9 posts
: "Hi, guys. What is your Dosage, onset of action, and duration of effectiveness?"
8 posts
6 posts
: "Anyone have Experience with both Vyvanse & Mydayis? If so, which one worked best or worst for you?"
5 posts
: "Evening Depression"
5 posts

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Pain & Anger
: "Generic sucks!"
40 posts
Advice Requests
: "I went through a bunch of threads here on supplements here and landed on these. I may have gone overboard but for the first time since starting treatment a few weeks ago I actually feel fantastic! Any recommendations on timing these or other is appreciated!"
23 posts
Solution Requests
: "What is the best method you found for taking your Vyvanse when it comes to food?"
6 posts
Money Talk
: "why is vyvanse so expensive ?!"
3 posts

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