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A subreddit for discussing credit cards. Be sure to read sub rules before posting, use the resources linked in the sidebar / about section of the sub, and use search to see if your question has already been answered.

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Credit Cards
: "If I maxout all my Credit Cards and I die will the credit company be able to retrieve the money back by legal means?"
156 posts
Credit Card
: "Who do you bank with and did their Credit Card offerings influence your decision?"
81 posts
: "Chase just forced a product change from original visa Freedom to Freedom Unlimited."
57 posts
: "Is there a credit card that gives better Rewards than the Costco Citi while shopping inside Costco?"
53 posts
: "A new tool to earn and redeem Points for free flights - Pointhound"
45 posts
: "Are Travel/points cards worth it for economy Travel?"
20 posts
: "I have never owned a Credit car and am begrudgingly thinking I now need one. Which card should I get?"
19 posts
: "Chase users, what makes you like them more than Amex? (besides AF’s)"
16 posts
: "I have never owned a credit car and am begrudgingly thinking I now need one. Which Card should I get?"
16 posts
: "I got denied when applying for American Express BCE and the Citi Custom Cash card 2 years in a row. Should I give up on getting a good groceries rewards card?"
12 posts

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Money Talk
: "26 M, looking to jump ship from discover. Income 175k."
20 posts
Advice Requests
: "What in your opinion are the biggest misconceptions about credit cards?"
18 posts
Solution Requests
: "Best credit cards for someone who spends the most money on groceries, restaurants, and gas?"
13 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Incredibly Disappointed with Capital One (C1) Travel Portal Customer Support"
7 posts
: "A new tool to earn and redeem points for free flights - Pointhound"
3 posts
: "Possible to get the freedom flex grocery bonus multiple times?"
1 post
: "Bilt adds Marriott as a points partner"
1 post

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