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r/EatingDisorders is a community dedicated to providing support, resources, and encouragement for individuals dealing with eating disorders. Whether you're in recovery, supporting a loved one, or seeking information, this subreddit is a supportive space with the aim to provide you with the support you need.

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: "What "obsession" did you replace food with?"
63 posts
Seeking Advice - Family
: "My friend barely eats anything every day and I'm worried about him."
6 posts
Seeking Advice - Friend
: "angry at my professor"
4 posts
Recovery Story
: "With the holidays coming up - wanted to share my favorite ways to deal with unwanted comments on appearance"
4 posts
Seeking Advice - Partner
: "My girlfriend is having a really bad week and I would like some advices to support her"
4 posts
: "Be aware of creepy people"
2 posts
: "Help us learn more about binge eating, personality, and weight stigma"
2 posts
: "Message from a mod"
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