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This is a subreddit to talk about all things related to that special time in a lady's life when she really starts to hate everything about it! Disclaimer: This subreddit is not a substitute for a healthcare professional. CHECK OUT OUR DISCORD https://discord.gg/jKfeW9fE3q

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Period Question
: "Why do I have delayed periods?"
76 posts
Rants n Raves
: "asked my guy friend to bring me a pad (as in menstrual pad) and he brought me this πŸ’€πŸ’€"
27 posts
: "Overdose on Apsirin caused terrible periods ever since and now my health is deteriorating. Please, please help."
14 posts
: "Tell your kids about menstruation!!"
11 posts
: "Butthole cramps are killing me this week"
10 posts
: "Found this in Asia and it’s SO CUTE"
5 posts
Birth Control
: "Freaked about a vaginal ultrasound"
5 posts
: "I'm excited to use this tonight as I have moderate to heavy bleeding."
3 posts
: "How I fixed my nightmare cramps, finally."
3 posts

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