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Please be respectful and helpful if responding to posts. This is a place where people can come and learn about Type 1 and the challenges we face. A place to rant, show emotion, and ask insulin questions or pump questions. Surveys will be deleted unless they are paid or get prior approval and most inquires regarding surveys go ignored in our inbox.

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: "School asked me to create a poster for Diabetes day so I made this!"
94 posts
Type 1
: "Type 1 diagnosis"
76 posts
: "What if you could eat Insulin in pill form"
74 posts
Blood Sugar
: "dealing with the shame of Blood Sugar mistakes?"
30 posts
: "American Football player Mark Andrews checks his glucose multiple times a game due to T1d, is a major advocate in the Baltimore, MD area for Type 1"
21 posts
: "People who have gone so Low that they've passed out / been hospitalized, how has that effected you?"
20 posts
: "Hello! New here older Diabetic"
11 posts
11 posts
: "Got My 1st Pump Setup Today"
7 posts
: "Call out Work guilt?"
6 posts

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Pain & Anger
: "Having Type 1 Diabetes Sucks"
31 posts
Advice Requests
: "What common T1D advice do you ignore and why?"
24 posts
Solution Requests
: "So many fruit snacks! I was all set for a low blood sugar. What do you like to use for a convenient low blood sugar snack?"
3 posts
Money Talk
: "stressing out about the cost of insulin"
2 posts
: "App Idea: Let us play Line Rider on our blood sugar charts"
1 post

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