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Cast Iron
: "1850~70 Gate Marked Cast Iron restoration project (credit: @jodyagram on IG)"
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: "My MIL managed to cook off my Seasoning and warp my skillet in one fell swoop. Is there a way to save this without sending it to a machine shop?"
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: "Husband has been Cooking eggs in my cast iron"
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: "My mom reached out to see I wanted a “crusty old pan” she found while Cleaning out my grandma’s garage storage."
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: "1850~70 Gate Marked cast iron Restoration project (credit: @jodyagram on IG)"
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: "I bought this 10" Pan for decoration and then came across this sub. I then had 1 goal - to be able to actually use the Pan to make eggs without them sticking. It finally worked!"
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: "Does anyone have any recommendations for reseasoning these cast iron kettles? I’m not sure how to address Rust/grime in the spouts"
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: "I still need to plane, sand and finish the wood but Im not sure how I feel about the screws holding the handles? Any ideas?"
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: "Restoring this Wagner need advice"
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Advice Requests
: "Any ideas about this?"
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Money Talk
: "For 50$ I’m happy with my stove."
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Solution Requests
: "What type of glue are we thinking here?"
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Pain & Anger
: "welp…"
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