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Here we talk about all things having to do with love! Romantic, familial, platonic, what have you, all forms of love are welcome to be talked about here!

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: "My boyfriend never takes naps, but when he's with me, it only takes a few minutes of cuddling until he falls asleep."
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: "Keep hope alive … people that were single long term and then found your person, tell us your stories!"
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: "My girlfriend is sleep talking and it's the sweetest thing"
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Unsent letters
: "I’m writing out my feelings for my boyfriend here because I can’t say it to his face."
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Love is
: "For anyone struggling with letting go in a relationship, please remember this."
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🥂 Celebration 🎉
: "I asked him to be my boyfriend, and he said yes!!!!"
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: "Divorce is not the end of the world and more people need to understand this"
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: "Friday, I'm in love...! TELL US ABOUT YOUR CRUSHES & DATES! Rule 5 doesn't apply here!"
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Rainbow bridge 🌈 😢
: "He was my everything, we were engaged, but it doesn’t mean anything now, I didn’t get to be his wife"
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: "Is it even possible to stop having feelings for someone special?"
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